13. 03. 2012
The Presentation of the “Youth and Entrepreneurship” Research
Civic Initiatives Youth Program has carried out a research "Youth and Entrepreneurship" which was presented on March 13, 2012 at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade.


The research was conducted during 2011 with 1 200 young people between 15 and 30 years old, from 14 towns and municipalities all over Serbia. 58% of young people in Serbia have no plans in starting their own businesses in the next five years while only 7% of young people are already entrepreneurs.

For more interesting details about young people attitudes towards entrepreneurship, please visit CI web site where the research is published. The printed edition of the research will be available very soon thanks to the Ministry of Youth and Sports which supported all the activities within the project ''Civil Service? - No Thanks, I am an Entrepreneur!''.

Training seminars where young people had the opportunity to gain knowledge about starting their own businesses and communicate with young entrepreneurs were held in Prijepolje, Bor, Blace and Belgrade, with the help of youth offices from these places as CI partners within the project. More in Serbian.... 

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