03. 04. 2012
The Beginning of the „Social Policy Monitoring Initiative“ Project
The coalition Civil Society Focal Points (CSFP) has started the implementation of the „Social Policy Monitoring Initiative" project.

The Beginning of the „Social Policy Monitoring Initiative" Project


Civic Initiatives are the leading partner at this project which is being financed by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade. Civic Initiatives, Group 484, Association for Children, Roma Information Center, Amity, Center for Independent Living of PWD Serbia and Autonomous Women Center are the members of the CCSO.

Each of them will be responsible for monitoring social measures imposed to one of the seven following vulnerable groups: young people, refugees and displaced persons, children, Roma, old people, persons with disabilities and women.

Monitoring of the new Law on Social Protection implementation will be followed with detailed analysis, making recommendations and developing mechanisms to support citizens' participation in decision making process. In order to organize the project implementation CCSO members' representatives held a meeting from March 26 - 28, 2012 and made a detailed project activity plan. 

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