12 Jun An innovative Training for community organizing for the purpose of advocacy completed in Belgrade

TACSO by Civic Initiatives, in cooperation with Serbia on the Move, organized a training for community organizing for the purpose of advocacy from June 9-10 2017. in the Human Rights House, Belgrade.


The participants had the opportunity, through an innovative approach of representatives of Serbia on the Move, using the methodology developed by Professor Marshall Ganz at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, learn how to turn an initiative into organizing a campaign that would change their community.

The skills that participants have acquired are: an understanding of why it is important that the power should be returned to citizens and for them to be involved in the processes related to the community, why is public speaking a skill necessary for leaders, how to develop a story about themselves, how to develop skills to motivate dedicated citizens to join them in their campaigns, to understand the campaign as a tool for building resources and power.