About Us

Civic Initiatives is an association of citizens for democracy and civil education, which for the past 20 years has been working on the realization of the following vision and mission:

VizijaMTHE VISION of CI is a society of equal and active citizens who make decisions about their lives in a democratic state, with full respect for human rights and the rule of law.

VrednostiMTHE BASIC VALUES of CI are equality and equal opportunities, sharing with others, dedication, tolerance, solidarity, caring for people, creating connections and partnerships with others, without imposing, as well as permanent education for everyone. People are the greatest value and resource of our organization.


THE MISSION of CI is the strengthening of civil society through education, promoting democracy and support for an active society.

StrategijaMTHE STRATEGY of CI is that just by removing regional, national, ethnic, religious, gender and social barriers it is possible to build a stronger, more efficient and potentially sustainable civil sector and in that way contribute to the development of society in general.

Civic Initiatives implement their activities through two programs: the program for strengthening civil society capacities and the program for public policies.

Civic Initiatives were formed in 1996 when a group of prominent NGO activists participating in the anti-war movement and non-nationalistic democratic opposition recognized the necessity for the creation of a social, civic base which could support democratic changes by educating citizens about their rights, democracy, civic society and how to be active citizens, so that they could make decisions about their own lives.

Civic Initiatives were founded by: Dubravka Velat, Miljenko Dereta, Zarko Korac, Vukasin Pavlovic, Rade Radovanovic, Nadezda Gace, Srdjan Bogosavljevic, Nada Marinkovic, Milan Podunavac, Mina Vidakovic, Nada Korac and Ivo Viskovic.