Program For The Capacity Building

Three major goals that Civic Initiatives wish to achieve through the Program for the Capacity Building are:

  1. Strengthening capacities of CSOs and informal groups (special attention is given to youth organizations).
  2. Strengthening individual capacities of people important for the development of civil society (teachers, members of university and high school student parliaments, young leaders and young people etc)
  3. Strengthening institutional capacities at the local and national levels (local self-governments, independent institutions, local youth offices etc).

In order to achieve this, Civic Initiatives work on the strengthening of internal and external CSO capacities and informal groups, at the national and local levels. We collaborate with organizations that are active in the field of offering social services, CSOs and professional associations that work in the filed of economy, teacher and student associations, CSOs that are active in the field of creating a supportive surrounding for the development of a civil society at a local and national level etc.

Civic Initiatives work on the strengthening of individual capacities through direct work with individuals by accommodated trainings and seminars as well as through offering individual support for personal development, learning and trying out new skills. We offer support and promote individual initiatives.

We cooperate with institutions in planning and implementing Strategies and activities that concern the development of civil society, we offer training and technical support, and together with them we work on raising capacities of CSOs and individuals.

Among other things, as part of the Program for the Capacity Building:
  1. We have set up an interactive web platform ( that has two basic functions: offering and exchanging information and building capacities. Educational material and video clips that offer useful information for the functioning and working of CSOs and informal groups were put up as part of the section for building capacities. Within the section for offering information we inform about our activities and those of other CSOs, donors, state institutions, and other factors important for the development of civil society.
  2. We allocate small grants to partner organizations and informal groups with the goal to help build their capacities, help them influence changes in the community, and to encourage them to continue with their activities.
  3. • We offer direct support to numerous groups, individuals and institutions that strive to bring forth changes that concern the lives of citizens in their surroundings on the local and national level.

We constantly trade information and examples of good practice with all relevant actors, both in Serbia and the region. We believe that the development of partnerships is a precondition for achieving results and developing a civil society.