Our Team

Naš Tim 2018

Maja Stojanović


Executive Director

Maja Stojanovic is a long-time activist for protection of human rights, and she is a member of Civic Initiatives since October, 2010. Before she became Executive Director in January 2014, she had worked for Civic Initiatives as a coordinator of Youth Program and as the Program director. She started working in the civil sector at the Students’ Union of Serbia (SUS) at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, after which she worked at the University of Nis and within the Board of Directors of the Students’ Union of Serbia. During five years, Maja worked at the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Nis, after which she started working in Belgrade as coordinator of youth program and executive director. Maja Stojanovic is the president of the Board of Directors of the Human Rights and Democracy House from Belgrade and a member of Europe Team, expert group for promotion of European integrations in Serbia.

Bojana Selaković


Program Director

Bojana Selaković has been a member of Civic Initiatives since November 2013, starting as a manager of the public policy program. She had worked in the area of law and entrepreneurship and has been active in the civil sector since 2001. She has initiated and participated in several dozen campaigns for an increase of awareness and public advocacy at the national and local level, as well as a large number of projects oriented towards enhancing activism of the citizens, as well as those entities that provide direct help and assistance to vulnerable social groups. She is interested in the wide scope of subjects, starting from the fight against discrimination, violence and corruption, minority and children’s rights, and reform of public policies and civic participation.

Miloranka Tošić

Miloranka Tošić


Quality Assurance Manager

Miloranka Tošić is currently working as Civic Initiatives’ Quality Assurance Manager. Her activism began in high school, first as an active member, and then as the president of the student parliament, where she managed to initiate their peers to engage in many different activities and contribute both the school, and their future as active citizens. She began cooperation with the Civic Initiatives as a participant in an exchange program that CI organized in 2004. Understanding the mission and vision of GI, as well as personal commitment and organization shown in this program, recommended her to be elected for Roma program assistant in 2009. After a year and a half on this position she started working in the finance department as an assistant. Two years later she became finance director and maintain on that position nearly four years. Accountability and systematic approach to work and the results of the initiative for improvement of the CI’s financial system brought her to the position she currently holds. She often participates in seminars and trainings to further enhance her work and contribute to quality of work of CI.

Jelena Stević


Financial Manager

Jelena Stevic is currently working as a financial manager in Civic Initiatives. She has been working for Civic Initiatives since March 2003, where she has worked as office manager, assistant within the program for development of democracy, program assistant and secretary of NGO Federation in Serbia, assistant within the program for civic education, project coordinator for youth program and financial administrator. She completed trainings in the following areas: management of non-governmental organizations, training for promotion of tolerance and ethnic reconciliation through civil education, project writing for EU, as well as many others. She is fluent in English.

Nada Likar


Financial Administrator

Nada has been working for Civic Initiatives since January 2006; at first, she occupied the position of secretary, and after that she was office manager. Since September 2014 Nada started working as a financial administrator and human resource person since recently. Nada has completed training in the area of project writing for EU, protection of personal data, financial management in non-governmental organizations and human resource management. Educated as an engineer of chemical technology. During the period from 1996-97, she was an activist of the opposition coalition Together (SPO, DS, GSS), and worked as a business secretary at the head office of SPO after the protest had finished. After that, she worked on administrative positions for several private companies. She taught mathematics, physic and chemistry to children for a long time. She is fluent in English. She is a mother of two girls.

Milica Antić

Capacity Building Coordinator in the Civil Society Development and Citizen Participation Program

Milica started working in Civic Initiatives as an intern at the end of 2016, and now she works as an Assistant in the Project for Civil Society Capacity Building.
Milica graduated at the Faculty of Political Science, where she also got her M.A. in Political Science – Module: Political Theory, Political Sociology and Institutions where her master thesis was: “Nation building through the interpretation of national history: the case of post-Yugoslav countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
She was engaged in social activism since high school and during her university days, she became socially active in several civil society organisations, where she acquired non-formal education in the field of human rights. Milica is also a semi-professional bowling player.

Teodora Zahirović


PR Manager

Teodora  graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, after wich she started her intership in Civic Initiatives. Since June 2017 she started working as a  Project Assistant for youth and education. Also, since February 2018, she coordinated media projects.  In June 2018 she became PR manager and she is in charge of overall communications of Civic Initiatives, including media, donors, partners and social networks communities. Fluent in English.

Dejana Stevkovski

Dejana Stevkovski


Coordinator of the Project for Enabling Environment for Development of Civil Society

Dejana Stevkovski has been a member of Civic Initiatives since 2008. Immediately after her graduation from the Faculty of Political Sciences, she started working as office manager and became assistant within the program for development of civil society soon after. She was included in numerous projects of Civic Initiatives which aimed to build capacity of civil society organizations, advocated more significant inclusion of citizens and civil society organizations in the decision-making processes, and advocated adoption of legal and institutional framework for operation of civil society organizations. She is co-author of the Country Monitoring Report on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development for 2013 and 2014 and of the Manual for citizen associations as social services’ providers. At the moment, she is a coordinator for the project for enabling environment for development of civil society. She is a mother of two boys.

Ksenija Nikić


Capacity Building Assistant in the Civil Society Development and Citizen Participation Program

Ksenija started working in Civic Initiatives as an intern in March 2018, and now she works as an Assistant in the Project for Civil Society Capacity Building. She graduated from  the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department of History, and she is currently completing her master studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, US studies. She is particularly interested in subjects such as human rights and reform of public policies.

Ivana Teofilović

Public Policy Programme Assistant

Ivana joined Team CI as a intern in March 2018, and now she works as a Public Policy Programme Assistant. She graduated  from the Faculty of Political Sciences, International Relations Department, European Integration module. She is currently completing her master studies of Project Management  at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. In Civic Initiatives she is currently working on projects dealing with freedom of expression and the media.