14 Apr Three Freedoms Under the Magnifying Glass: 1 – 14 April 2022

Belgrade, 14 April, 2022 –


Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia

1 – 14 April 2022


In the last two weeks, the trend of violations of the freedom of expression, assembly and association has continued.

N1 journalists were verbally attacked while trying to conduct an interview in public space, as well as a journalist of the “IN Medija” from Indjija after she published a text on this portal. In Nis, the police were putting pressure on journalist Srdjan Nonic, after he published a caricature of a local policeman, and “Danas” journalist Vesna Torovic was not allowed to enter SNS premises in this city.

The trend of putting pressure on journalists for attending 2021 environment protests has continued. Journalists of the “SOinfo” portal from Sombor have been charged with the unlawful organization one of those protests, without reporting it in prior time.

The 3 April 2022 election day passed with a number of incidents. Movement of Free Citizens President Pavle Grbovic was physically attacked, from which he received bodily injuries. Also attacked were election controllers from the MORAMO Coalition and election observers from the Youth Student Action – OSA, as well as several politicians and actors in several places.

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cases of violations of basic human rights in Serbia 1 - 14 April 2022


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