31 May 20 CSOs completed Monitoring and evaluation training in Belgrade

TACSO by Civic Initiatives organized a training for monitoring and evaluation from May, 30 – 31 2017, attended by representatives of more than 20 civil society organizations. This training is aimed to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in Serbia for more effective realization of its missions through providing the knowledge and skills to monitor and evaluate the work of the organization.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about the techniques of monitoring and evaluation with an expert and trainer in this field Radmila Miković. During the training a variety of topics relevant to the field of monitoring and evaluation were addressed, with the aim to highlight the importance of organizational monitoring and evaluation for a more effective and efficient work, various concepts were discussed and tools offered that can contribute to organizations to develop a comprehensive plan for monitoring and evaluation of their goals and programs, as well as the application of the results in future work. Trainer, through different materials and workshops, presented the importance of monitoring and evaluation to the participants and enabled them to gain insight into the most common mistakes they make during their organizational development.