BCSDN 9th Annual Council Meeting Held with Future Opportunities and Strengthening Accountability Practices on the Agenda


The 9th Annual Council Meeting (ACM) of the network took place on 22nd June in Skopje. The annual gathering brought together representatives of 12 members to discuss the network’s work in the past year and the current one by approving the Annual Report 2016, Audit Report 2016 and Annual Plan 2017. With future opportunities and plans in mind, the Council discussed strategic fundraising initiatives, as well as internal strengthening of the network through adopting a joint Code of Conduct aligned with the Global Standard for CSO Accountability.

Furthermore, with the mandate of the current Board expiring in 2017 and online elections being executed during June, at the meeting the Council approved the new composition of the Board. Four of the previous members expressed their interest in staying on for another three-year mandate – Tina Divjak (CNVOS, Slovenia), Aleksandar Krzalovski (MCIC, Macedonia), Ana Novakovic (CRNVO, Montenegro) and Slavisa Prorok (CPCD, Bosnia and Herzegovina) – and two new candidates were elected to serve on the Board – Bojana Selakovic (Civic Initiatives, Serbia) and Klotilda Kosta (Partners Albania, Albania). The Board members elected Tina Divjak as Chair of the Board and Aleksandar Krzalovski as Deputy Chairperson of the Board. The first Board meeting in this new composition took place after the ACM, discussing internal issues and focusing on future management of the network.

All relevant documents from the ACM and Board meeting are available to members on the Intranet.

Source: BCSDN