Be ready, be a scout, because scouts create a better world

Be ready, be a scout, because scouts create a better world


Scout Association of Serbia is an organization with a long tradition of 106 years. Our organization’s diverse Program brings together people of all ages and it’s based on the Mission of Scouting, which is worldwide recognized as a movement that brings together young people the most.

The program includes not only the skills that emphasize the individual, but also those that foster teamwork which is of paramount importance in modern society. In addition, through the membership in the scouting organization children and young people acquire skills that, when the time comes, boost their employability, i.e. children and young people acquire skills of work in a multicultural society, communication and presentation, organizational skills.







We are proud that we are part of the great Scout family, which has about 40 million members and has a roof Scout associations in almost all countries of the world. At the same time we are proud because we have not given up the traditional values that our founder Dr. Miloš Ð. Popović installed. We are proud that we develop in individuals values such as responsibility towards themselves and others, love of nature, education, development and continuing education, as well as the values that nourish Scouting as a movement and the Scout Association of Serbia, as an organization, volunteering, integrity, respect and tolerance, care, evaluation and cooperation, transparency and openness. The youth that is the energy of every society is our pride.



Volunteering entails giving oneself without reserve, and we as an organization with a clear goal to help the weaker and care for the elderly, in everyday life encounter many situations in which we easily get by, because we have, through various seminars, workshops, and projects, trained our members that this is their everyday life, not a challenge that they would have to overcome.

Educating children and youth is unmatched experience. By educating children through a system of work in small groups, peer education and learning through work we develop ourselves. The end result is spreading the organization in which people grow up healthy, who, as accomplished individuals, create a better world!

The hardest thing was to get to the media, and therefore to a greater number of people to be able to present the program of our organization and explain “what scouts scout?” It’s funny when we hear that, but when you introduce and explain the width of our program and the skills and knowledge that children and young people receive through the stay in the scouting organization, we receive the support of the society, the community, other organizations and the state.


For more than 100 years of existence and work of the Association, nine Jamborees of Scout Association of Serbia were held (Novi Sad, Velika Plana, Svilajnac, Lapovo and Batočina, Krupanj, Divčibare, Zrenjanin, Niš, Šabac and Bela Crkva) with the participation of over 20 thousand girl and boy scouts.

Serbian Jamboree is the largest and most important activity of our organization. This traditional Scouting activity is held every 4 years, each time in a different city. The next Jamboree of Scout Association of Serbia will be held for the 10th time in 2018, in the period from July 27 to August 5, in Serbian capital, Belgrade.

This scouting activity gathers about 3000 young people from Serbia, Western Balkans countries, and also from around the world. During the ten days of the Jamboree, the venue for this most important scout activity becomes a real small town made of tents. The aim of this greatest scouting activity in Serbia is for children and young people, participants of the Jamboree to undergo activity-based acquiring and learning of traditional scouting skills, but also through various workshops and activities that are carried out in several places in the city where the Jamboree is hosted, learn about the culture, tradition and history of the host city and the whole of Serbia.

Given the fact that the participants of the Jamboree are scouts from various countries such as England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Poland, Macedonia, Wales, Finland, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, scouts have the opportunity to learn about multiculturalism, the cultures of other countries, exchange experiences about working with children and young people, and learn from each other through work and socializing.

This whole activity is organized by the program and logistics team of the Jamboree, but nothing could be realized without the assistance of the international service team. The team has, so far, always consisted of scouts, however, a call for an international service team of 10 Serbian Jamboree which will be held in Belgrade, will be open to all young people, older than 18 years, who are interested to, through the volunteer work at the highest scouting activity in Serbia, meet a scouting organization, its work and may wish to become part of the largest movement of children and youth in the world.








Be ready, be a scout, because scouts create a better world.


This story is a part of the aspirations of the TACSO Serbia and TACSO by Civic Initiatives to promote good practices of civil society organizations in Serbia and motivate other organizations that invest on daily basis their energy and efforts in creating a better society for all citizens of Serbia.