16 Nov Civic Initiatives became member of WeBER platform

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Podgorica, November the 16th, 2016 – The WeBER team has introduced its regional consultation platform – the WeBER Platform. The platform has been led by civil society organisations in the Western Balkan with the aim to foster and sustain dialogue between public authorities and civil society on the public administration reform process, which is ongoing in all of Western Balkan countries simultaneously.

 Civic Initiatives have been selected to become a member of the regional WeBER Platform along with another 15 civil society organisations from Western Balkan region. This platform includes totally 22 CSOs from 6 Western Balkan countries – Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as WeBER partner organizations European Policy Center, European Policy Institute and BH Group for Legal and Political Studies IDM Albania.


The establishment of the WeBER Platform is the very first attempt to provide the comprehensive and unique regional CSO mechanism on PAR (Public Administration Reform) that involves all interested CSOs of different size and influence in Western Balkan countries in PAR monitoring and a structured dialogue on PAR, relies on the knowledge base that is created by the Platform members in order to engage in PAR related dialogue, and  brings forward the perspective of CSOs (and indirectly general public) into the overall PAR discourse.

During the event, before the formal establishing of the WeBER platform, partners have presented the Regional PAR Monitor Methodology and discussed on the matter. CSOs Communication Strategy, developed within the WeBER project, has also been presented.

The Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed by all WeBER Platform members within the meeting.