20 Apr Easter BUM



Members of Bečej Youth Associations (BUM) have successfully implemented their traditional Easter BUM action, which is one of the member’s favorite activities that everyone is looking forward to. This action inspired many to become members of the organization and be a part of the positive change.

The Easter BUM is driven by the young people who want to creatively do something socially useful in order to help someone in need of help, and to motivate and encourage their fellow citizens to be humane. This action is traditionally held for the seventh consecutive year, ahead of both Easters, with the exception of when the dates coincide since Bečej is a multicultural environment where residents celebrated the Orthodox and Catholic Easter alike.

As in previous years, BUMers gathered on Good Friday to dye the eggs together and on the next morning they went to the city market and offered citizens a symbol of Easter, in exchange for a charitable contribution. The people of Bečej, in accordance with their abilities, donated money, chatted with young people about the holiday, welcomed their traditional humanitarian activity and brought home Easter eggs.


As these young humanitarians emphasize, they are the happiest when they succeed in helping someone at least a little, because they are aware that their little means a lot to someone, but what they find important, also, is putting a smile on the faces of children, parents, and pensioners.

This year’s charitable contribution has been collected for the reconstruction of the janitor’s house at the Scout Center ‘‘ Ivo Lola Ribar ” which burned down in late September 2016, and where the squad chief Lukac  Joseph lived with his family.

During this campaign, young people encourage their fellow citizens to be humane, but the citizens also motivate them, with their support, positive reactions, enthusiasm, and kind words to continue doing what they love and to make positive changes in our society which proves that charitable activities are not the only area in which they can contribute.





This story is a part of the aspirations of the TACSO Serbia and TACSO by Civic Initiatives to promote good practices of civil society organizations in Serbia and motivate other organizations that invest on daily basis their energy and efforts in creating a better society for all citizens of Serbia