03 Nov IN MEMORIAM – Miljenko Dereta

Miljenko-DeretaToday we commemorate two years since our great friend, the founder and longtime director of Civic Initiatives, Miljenko Dereta, left us .

He left behind a great deal of results of his dedication and sacrifice, and above all, a large circle of friends and people who appreciated  him.

A team of people who have worked or are still working in the Civic Initiatives will remember him by his enormous  inspiration, creativity and life energy that he selflessly shared with us and all the people around him all his life.

On this day we remind ourselves of his words and thoughts through a series of articles he published and almost prophetic sentences, which we are left to fight with for democratic society. We have chosen social networks, and,  throughout the day you can follow our posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles of Civic Initiatives.

Miljenko Dereta was born in Belgrade in 1950. He graduated at The Department of Film and TV directing at the Academy in Belgrade. By 1990 he made dozens of programs in the field of culture, several  featured TV films and one cinema movie. In the area of social and political marketing  he won many national and several awards around the world. He was candidate of the opposition in the first multiparty elections for the Assembly of Serbia in 1990. He was a member of the Civic Alliance of Serbia and later the President of the Executive Committee of the GSS. From the very beginning, he was active in the anti-war movement in Serbia.

In 1996, together with a group of prominent activists of the democratic opposition, anti-war and non-nationalist movement, he founded the Civic Initiatives, Citizens Association for Democracy and Civic Education, today one of the leading organizations in Serbia and in the region which is engaged in  education for active participation of citizens in political decision-making. He started  forming  of the Federation of NGOs of Serbia (FENS) and was one of the three co-chair of FENS. He was the head of the Civic Initiatives  a full 15 years.

He participated in numerous national and international conferences and was member of the Working Group for the future of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Bratislava process). He was a member of the Government Council for EU integration and the Council of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as the chairman of the Balkan Network for the Development of Civil Society and a member of the Steering Committee of Central and East European Citizens’ Network.

Dereta was the deputy in the legislature from 2012 to 2014. Since January 2013, he was a member of the Informal Green MP group in the Serbian Parliament.

He was a columnist for the magazine  „Politika” and also wrote for the daily newspaper  “ Danas”, as well as for many other newspapers.

He left behind a daughter Sara and a son Relja.