Invitation to the presentation of an analysis on the position and needs of civilian victims of war in Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia

Civic Initiatives are inviting you to the presentation of the assessment report Dealing with the past, surviving the present: Situation and needs of civilian war victims in Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia, December 2, at 12h, in EU Info Centre, Kralja Milana 7, Belgrade.

This study investigates the societal situation and position of war victims in Serbia and Kosovo, and of groups affected by the conflict in North Macedonia, as well as into the specific needs and challenges they have.

This assessment study of victims’ groups’ situation in Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia looks into three dimensions – (1) Identifying situation and needs of victims and other groups affected by conflict, in terms of: social situation, their position towards other stakeholders (political, NGOs, related initiatives); their level of organisation, what activities they undertake to further their cause and the challenges they face, (2) official (state-led) initiatives to deal with the past per country, incl. existence of policies and laws relevant to victims and other groups affected by war or violent conflict and (3) identifying the general national discourse about the violent past.

Please confirm your attendance to the email address until Thursday, December 1 at 4 p.m.

The publication will also be launched in separate events in Skopje and Pristina. It is available in English, Serbian, Albanian and Macedonian and will be available online.

The study is a part of the project “Strengthening Inclusive Victim Voices, Transforming Narratives” (SIVV). This project is a joint initiative implemented in Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia, by Peace Movement PAX, International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), Integra, New Social Initiative (NSI), Civic Initiatives (CI), and Peace Action (PA) and supported by the European Union.