Kid Hub – Design for the Future

KID Hub is engaged in education through workshops and courses, as well as by producing educational tools that encourage the development of a new generation of innovators through entrepreneurial learning in the IT sector. Kid HUB is led by Tijana Jovanović Petrović, who founded this social enterprise to help her child in the unpredictable digital world.

According to the results of the World Economic Forum, 65% of today's children in elementary schools will do jobs that are not yet invented.”
That is why Kid HUB’s goal is to develop the creative potential of children in order to create their own capabilities in the unpredictable global work environment of the future.

“Our program is intended for children, educators and parents. It is based on the Designathon Works® curriculum that focuses on the use of Design Thinking in Education, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and Maker Education. ” Part of the income of KID HUB is invested in development Designathon Works® educational programs in elementary schools in Serbia and inclusion of children belonging to vulnerable groups in programs. This program works in more than 25 countries of the world, is part of the Ashoka network and the Lego Learning educational network. KID HUB is a member of this program for Serbia since 2018, and it was created as the educational center of the social enterprise Koba Yagi Toys.

Designing for the future is an educational tool that Tijana and her colleagues from HUB are delving through the Smart Start program that is implemented in the countries of the region and Turkey.

After the implementation of the prototype we will create a crowdfunding campaign aimed at the realization of a manual in printed format, creating a partner network and promoting tools. We also plan to offer this tool to the global Desiganthon network of 30 countries and where the tool could also have application”.
Also, the concept tool is based on Designathon’s educational model to increase children’s abilities in a modern environment.
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