Show solidarity – our neighbors from Albania need help

Belgrade, November 28, 2019

Our Albanian neighbors were hit by a devastating earthquake. The death toll exceeded forty, hundreds more were injured and thousands lost their homes. Many of the injured are children.

After the first earthquake of 6.4 magnitude, Albania was hit by 100 subsequent earthquakes, two of which were 5 degrees.

They need the help of all of us. We sympathize with the people of Albania, whose life has changed dramatically in an instant, who have lost their loved ones or their fate is still uncertain.

We appeal to all people of good will to join an organized earthquake relief action. You can bring help from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm at the Human Rights House, 4 Kneza Milosa Street, Belgrade. The action will run through Thursday, December 5th.

What is needed

  1. baby food
  2. canned food (flour, oil, sugar, salt, beans, rice, pasta and the like)
  3. blankets
  4. hygiene products (especially sanitary pads and diapers)
  5. Donate funds here
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With modest but concrete help, we want to show our sincere fellowship with them in such a difficult situation, remembering the tragedies that Serbia suffered through the catastrophic floods of 2014 and the Kraljevo earthquake of 2010, but also the solidarity and assistance provided by all the countries of the region in those moments.

Contact phone: 060/3624-011

Show solidarity. #PrayForAlbania

Foto: Arbnora Memeti