Smart Berries

Business Innovation Programs (BIPS) has been working to improve the position of young people and vulnerable groups for years. They are especially aware of the problems and challenges that young people in the country are facing, like finding jobs, which is often an impossible mission. Unfortunately, their position is often harder from the position of young people in cities, who have greater opportunities and easier access to education. We are all aware of the fact that a large number of young people decide each year to leave Serbia and find a better life in the countries of Western Europe, where their education and effort will be more appreciated and where they will be able to secure a decent and normal life for themselves. A kind of life that is considered a privilege of a small number of people in our country.

There are few people who are seriously concerned with the problems of young people today and who are trying to provide them with conditions for work in Serbia. Business Innovation Programs – The BIPS team is working on it, and their SmartStart idea, which is in the process of realization, is showing that. The plan is to engage as many young people as they can in the production and sale of strawberries. Strawberries are not randomly selected. Their price on the market is high and the demand is high, which makes this fruit a cost-effective investment. The basic idea is that five young people from rural areas will attend practical training each year on the economics of agricultural household and strawberry growing, after which they will get new seedlings in order to start production on their own plots. Throughout the process, they will have technical and professional support from BIPS, which will enable them to make their first earnings easier. In this way, Bratislav Dobric from the BIPS says that the knowledge and awareness of young people in the village about the opportunities offered by environmentally sustainable agriculture will increase and will recognize a good opportunity to generate income. The trainings organized by BIPS will include topics in the field of ecology and sustainable agriculture, with the aim of presenting opportunities and benefits for young people to this kind of agriculture.

In the village of Badnjevac, near Kragujevac, BIPS bought land for the future plantation, which is ready for planting in the spring. For this job, 20 young people from the village will be hired, who will go through appropriate training before. Therefore, the vision is clear – to get young people to work in agriculture, to provide them with the knowledge and opportunity and to employ them. Young people should be our most important investment. BIPS has long understood this. Within the SmartStart project, they were given the opportunity to continue to help young people by encouraging them to stay in their own country. That’s something that everyone should be grateful for.