13 Feb Three freedoms under the magnifying glass: 1-15 February 2020

Belgrade, February 13, 2020 

Review of violations of freedom of association, assembly and expression in Serbia 1-15 February 2019

The past two weeks have been marked by a series of incidents whose participant or instigator was the president of the parliamentary Serbian Radical Party and convicted criminal against humanity Vojislav Seselj. In addition to the attacks on Humanitarian Law Center activists and Natasa Kandic, journalists, politicians and even the editor-in-chief of the weekly „Vreme” Dragoljub Zarkovic have been targeted by his outbursts.

It is worrying that competent institutions have been silent on such outbursts for years, giving the impression that Seselj has support from the state. At a time when MPs of EU Parlaiment were in Serbia mediating a dialogue between the authorities and the opposition, emphasizing the values of media freedom, the local portal „Info Vranjske” portal faced the threat of legal persecution by the Serbian Progressive Party municipal committee, and the campaign against N1 television was continued. The practice of punishing citizens who use their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of assembly by initiating misdemeanor proceedings has continued, and the most frequent victims of these persecutions are members of the „ Don’t let Belgrade d(R) own” initiative.

You can download the overview of violations of freedom of association, assembly and expression for the past two weeks below.



Representatives of 20 civil society organisations signed in Belgrade the Three Freedoms Platform for the Protection of Civic Space in the Republic of Serbia, in order to protect and promote the freedom of association, assembly and information.The Platform is intended to act as a joint block of civil society organizations (associations, professional organizations, foundations, endowments, and other forms of associations including informal groups of citizens) to stand for the protection of endangered freedoms and create conditions for unhindered participation of citizens in public affairs through civil society development.

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