Three Freedoms Under the Magnifying Glass: 12 – 25 May 2023

Belgrade, 26 May 2023


Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia

12 – 25 May 2023

The previous period in Serbia was certainly marked by protests against violence, which began to be organized in response to two consecutive large-scale mass murders. Additionally, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) held a rally where numerous violations of freedoms occurred. These violations ranged from blackmailing individuals, often using job-related pressure, to attend the rally, to preventing non-regime journalists from accessing the designated media space during the event.

There were several attacks towards N1 television, including public messages defaming the media outlet and calling out journalists, including personal attacks by President Aleksandar Vučić. Among the individuals targeted, once again, is Marko Vidojković, co-author of the podcast “Good, Bad, Evil (DLZ), who has been forced to live outside the country due to a substantial number of death threats he received.

The protests by farmers for better working conditions and improved marketing of their products garnered significant public attention during this period. However, the authorities made various attempts to suppress the protests. This included intimidating the protest leader and preventing farmers from attending a mass gathering in Belgrade.

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