01 Sep Three Freedoms Under the Magnifying Glass: 19 August – 1 September, 2022

Belgrade, 1 September, 2022 –


Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia

19 August – 1 September, 2022


The observed period from August 19 to September 1, 2022, was marked by numerous violations of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of association in Serbia.

Journalist Nenad Živković was exposed to attacks, and a SLAPP lawsuit was filed against the Danas portal by former State Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dijana Hrkalović, who is facing charges for influence peddling. The editor-in-chief of the JugPress portal Ljiljana Stojanović, who is also a member of the Permanent Working Group for the Safety of Journalists, is being pressured by unknown persons because of the support she gave to OK Radio from Vranje.

Environmental activists, who are camping on Mount Starica near Majdanpek, in an attempt to prevent further mining of this locality, were physically attacked by private security. On the other hand, the highest state officials announced the ban on EuroPride in Belgrade, referring to the arguments of threatened national security, the energy crisis, but also the impossibility of guaranteeing the safety of the participants.

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cases of violations of basic human rights in Serbia 19 August - 1 September 2022


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