25 Apr Three freedoms under the magnifying glass: 20-23 April 2020

Belgrade, April 23, 2020

Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia during the state of emergency

20-23 April, 2020

Due to the new situation in the world caused by the global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus and the declaration of a state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, in addition to violations of the rights to freedom of association, assembly and expression, given the circumstances, Civic Initiatives will monitor other human rights in the coming period.

The alarming situation regarding respect for human rights in Serbia has been recognized beyond the borders of Serbia, primarily in the Report of Reporters Without Borders, which notes the deterioration of the state of media freedoms and the fall of Serbia in the list for three places. In addition, the European Court of Human Rights has initiated proceedings against the Republic of Serbia for the danger of violating the right to life and the prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment of Roma living in the informal settlement of Cukarica in Belgrade. The report of organizations dealing with the protection of women victims of violence shows a dramatic increase in the number of reported cases, but this number does not correlate with the number of extensions of urgent measures against the abusers, which indicates an inefficient protection system and the lack of recognition of the particular vulnerability of women during self-isolation and quarantine.

An overview of the cases recorded during this period can be downloaded below.

violations of basic rights during state of emergency in serbia: 20-23 april