09 Dec Three Freedoms Under the Magnifying Glass: 25 November – 8 December, 2022

Belgrade, 9 December, 2022 –


Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia

25 November – 8 December, 2022

In the 25 November – 8 December reporting period, there was a continuation of grave violations of basic freedoms in Serbia.

Euronews Serbia journalist Minja Miletić was sued for defamation by MP and official of the Socialist Party of Serbia Vladan Zagrađanin, while the journalist of the Radio-television of Vojvodina Hungarian newsroom Ribar Bagyi Renata was targeted by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Education and an official of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians Annemarie Vicsek.

The local authorities in Tutin are actively discriminating against Pešter TV in this town, by not inviting them to events, nor answering their questions and invitations to be guests in their program. Journalist Veran Matić, as well as B92 and Insajder productions, were targeted by the tabloid “Informer”.

021.rs portal journalist Aleksandra Reves was prevented from reporting from the Public Session of the Planning Commission in Sremski Karlovci, while journalist Jelena Obućina received disturbing death threats after being targeted by the tabloids “Alo” and “Informer”.

In the area of ​​freedom of assembly, environmental activists were under pressure from the police who asked them for their IDs and tested them for alcohol and psychoactive substances during the protests, while, on the other hand, teachers were exposed to pressure from the principals of the schools they work in, because they protested violence cases in schools.

You can find more details about these cases in the full report below.

cases of violations of basic human rights in Serbia 25 November - 8 December 2022


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