21 Jul Three Freedoms Under the Magnifying Glass: 8 – 21 July, 2022

Belgrade, 21 July, 2022 –


Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia

8 – 21 July, 2022


The observed period from July 8 to 21, 2022 was marked by numerous violations of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of association in Serbia.

The Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade accused the media of putting pressure on the public prosecutor Nikolaidis, after portals N1 and Nova.rs published an article in which they pointed out the shortcomings in the work of this prosecutor in an earlier case. Lav Pajkić, a member of the Serbian Progressive Party and former MP, compared Danas, N1 and Nova.rs to members of the Ustasha movement. Journalist Snežana Čongradin was once again the target of an attack by convicted war criminal Vojislav Šešelj, while the journalist of the magazine “Drvotehnika” Dragojlo Blagojević was threatened with death. Journalist Nedim Sejdinović was also insulted by a high official of the Serbian Progressive Party.

Workers of the Fiat company from Kragujevac received misdemeanor fines for protest roadblocks, according to the already seen pattern in which misdemeanor fines were issued to participants in environmental protests earlier. Scenes of brutal abuse of authority and use of force marked the protests of activists in Novi Sad.

The premises of Women in Black were attacked again, while there were cases of pressure on union representatives within the Public Enterprise “Post of Serbia” and the Niš company Jura.

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cases of violations of basic human rights in Serbia 8 - 21 July 2022


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