Three Freedoms Under the Magnifying Glass: June 14 – June 27, 2024

Belgrade, June 27, 2024

Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia

June 14 – June 27, 2024


The previously observed period was marked by numerous cases of violation of basic freedoms.

KRIK has been facing lawsuits that have the characteristics of SLAPP lawsuits for a long time. Their daily functioning, work and survival is called into question due to the constant need to fight in the courts for their freedom of expression which is actually a fight for freedom of expression of us all. The National Anti-SLAPP Working Group announced that “They fear that the government has finally decided to deal with independent media and journalists, and that KRIK is only the first to be attacked.”

And in her new role as President of the Assembly, Ana Brnabić continues to target the media. She accused the media of collaborating closely with criminals in the alleged attacks on the president.

Associations and activists have also been the targets of attacks in the past two weeks. After publishing the results of their research on Telegram groups sharing revenge and child pornography, activists of the Association for the Empowerment and Development of Women and Citizens “OsnaŽene” began to receive death threats and threats of lawsuits. The ” Mirëdita, dobar dan” festival, which brings together artists, human rights fighters, peace activists and public figures from Kosovo and Serbia and fosters cooperation and building peace, has faced attacks from politicians since its beginnings and this year is no exception, when the campaign against the festival seems to be the strongest so far. All this speaks to the dangers that threaten those who stand for gender equality, facing the past and reconciliation.

You can find more details about these cases in the full report below.