Three Freedoms Under the Magnifying Glass: June 4 – 17, 2021

Belgrade, June 17, 2021-


Violations of basic freedoms in Serbia

June 4 – June 17, 2021

In the past period, the trend of the further collapse of the functioning of the rule of law continued, primarily in the area of ​​respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. There have been cases of violations of freedom of expression in the same vein as those that were dealt with in previous editions of the Three Freedoms report, which shows that this is a system that continuously works to restrict freedoms. In this regard, it should be mentioned that the security of the Linglong factory continued to hinder journalists in performing their work, while the reaction of the state authorities was absent. On the other hand, the state authorities reacted when such a reaction was excessive and unnecessary, such as the case of the arrest of activist Zoran Čičak for a satirical tweet. In addition to non-compliance with legal solutions in practice, the problem introducing amendments, which would significantly regress the quality of the normative framework, is increasingly appearing as a problem. The latest example in this context is the publication of the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance, the adoption of which would be a major step backwards in this area.



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