Waiting for Tuesday

                                                           PLACE OF GOOD ENERGY

When you are in your fifties and you become unemployed, when it feels like all your ships have sunk, the Association “Women at the turning point” is here to encourage you and with their dedicated engagement help you learn that there are no hopeless situations.

“I can freely say that “Women at the turning point” have played a key role in my life. It happened that I found out about the Association through my sister, she signed me up, and the first words Mrs. Svetlana said to me encouraged me and returned me to the living world of good communication and that happened just because someone actually wanted to talk with me.  In two months, I went through eight workshops, realized that I was not alone and that all my problems were solvable. I grew in my own eyes, gained self-confidence, realized my bad qualities, found good ones and tried to make them even better. For me it was really a milestone, a springboard to realize that I have worth even though I dont have a job.”

These are the impressions of Lj.D. one of the participants of the psychological and educational program of free workshops and counseling centers for women of middle and senior age (45+) who were out of work, while Svetlana Cerović, together with Mima Perišić, Dragan Mladenović and Zorica Stevanović, form the effective driving and management team of “Woman at the turning point”, making them the most deserving that this Association, the only one of its kind in our country, can boast of enviable results after two years of existence.

The results are the numbers in itself (57 workshops, 6 educational cycles, 28 group and 120 individual counseling centers, 290 attendants, 23 lecturers), wraped up in June at the end of spring semester, but from Tuesday, September 19., when the new cycle begins, these data will have to be updated because the number of interested people is constantly increasing and programs and activities are expanding.

Figures are a good indicator, however, only when the participants, for who all of this is intended, start talking about it, you realize how big and significant venture was done by a small but energetic team of initiators and founders of the association. “No moment here was futile,” one doctor told us, and from all the other students we could hear only praise: “With them I gained security, I consider them family,” “I found the support I asked for in the association”, “Fantastic experience, especially psychological workshops”, “it was precious, but now I know that I have to continue the struggle myself,” “now I am a completely different person” …

The goal is to train participants in concrete skills that could be of value to them in seeking a new job or occupation, while at the same time providing them with a psychological impetus for coping with the problems and overcoming them, leaving a vicious circle of depression, feelings of uselessness and self-pity.

On Tuesday, September 19, at 5 pm, in the House of Human Rights, Knez Miloša 4, “Women at the turning point” will welcome a new group of participants. Among them there will be, of course, well-known faces. Practice shows that a large number of women, after a completed training cycle, want to pass it once again, because there is always something new to be heard and learned while someone comes a little out of habit. Indeed, it’s not hard to get used to a pleasant ambience, a good atmosphere and a friendly environment. A welcome smile, known or unknown, is implied.

This story is a part of the aspirations of the TACSO Serbia and TACSO by Civic Initiatives to promote good practices of civil society organizations in Serbia and motivate other organizations that invest on daily basis their energy and efforts in creating a better society for all citizens of Serbia.