19 Nov Conference #PRacka 2014 Held

IMG_5777resss-2On November 19, the first national conference on PR implementation in civil society organizations, #PRacka, was held in Americana hall at Dom Omladine, anf the conference gathered 120 representatives of civil society organizations across Serbia and 20 lecturers in the area of online marketing, web, language, letter, as well as PR managers from business, civil and public sector. The conference was organized by citizens’ associations Serbia on the Move and Civic Initiatives, and the participants had the opportunity to listen to 4 pannels dedicated to subjects of association of CSO for the sake of serving the citiyens, language and communication style, means of direct communication between the citizens and CSO, as well as transparency and rebranding of the civil sector. The orators included experts in the area of PR, communication, media and CSO, such as Zoran Kesic, Istok Pavlovic, Slobodan Georgijev, Miloje Sekulic, as well as many other persons. The conference received positive feedback of the public and caused a boom on social networks, where reach amounted to 350 000 on Twitter and 16 000 on Facebook, whereas more than 300 people followed the live stream from the conference