03 Apr

Download the analysis “The Freedom of expression and media freedom in Serbia in the process of EU integration” Civic Initiatives


Freedom of expression and freedom of the media represent one of the basic human rights and the foundation of every democratic state.


Freedom of expression and media freedom as its constitutive part represent a fundamental human right and the foundation of every democratic state functioning under the rule of law. Having in mind the complexity and the broad scope of the freedom of expression, Civic Initiatives monitor the situation in this area through six negotiation chapters, believing that all the aspects significant for the preservation and protection of this right may be perceived only through such multisectoral approach. Civic Initiatives are the coordinator of the Intersectoral group for freedom of expression and the media under the National Convention on the European Union which has contributed to the comprehensive monitoring of the activities both institutions and civil society.
The trends concerning the area of freedom of expression are analyzed in chapters 5, 8, 10, 23, 28, and 32. The analysis tracks the progress towards the defined objectives of the online tools for monitoring the freedom of expression and media – the Media Freedom Matrix. The analysis
covers the period from the adoption of the set of media laws in 2014 until mid-September 2018 and relies on the existing reports of national and international organizations and institutions, legal acts and research papers.