06 Jul Association “Health Path”

Vuka Tešanović from association Health Path says that her village is the most beautiful in the world and that its beauty should be seen by all tourists. The key topics she deals with are ecology and promotion of rural tourism. Health Path gathers 10 active members and a lot of informal members who want to help when different actions are held because everyone has a common goal – that their village be nice.

What is common to all members of Health Path? They are gathered in desire to change their village for the better. Whether it was a dirty park or organizing a New Year fest, they have an idea of how to achieve it. Their initiative is recognized by many individuals and organizations. Thus they managed to motivate many women to start working what they know best and represent their village at fairs throughout Serbia, under the auspices of the Tourist Organization of Serbia. The unique experiences that result from their work in rural tourism are spreading at fairs and providing them economic independence and security.

Women from the Health Path do not sit still; they solve the problems of their community. They were annoyed by an abandoned park in their village, and they organized a great deal of cleaning up. Not only that, they created an open-air classroom and facilities for older people. When someone has a good idea nothing stands in their way and various donations testify to that. They received donations from their fellow citizens who work abroad, from local firms, and certainly the greatest success and recognition of their work is the grant from the Trag Foundation.

Last winter they organized a manifestation Children’s Magic, which included the arrival of Santa Claus in the sled, who distributed over 70 presents to local children before the holidays, together with the animator of the program, the Magical Fairy. This action has involved locals and donors to get activate and help their association. Vuka from this association says: “It was phenomenal and we wanted kids to have an experience similar to that that the children in town have”. With TACSO by Civic Initiatives, they met when they needed administrative and technical assistance, so our colleagues traveled to this wonderful place to help them.

Grgurevci are a beautiful village near Fruška Gora and 17 km from Sremska Mitrovica. This place is known for the fact that the Roman Emperor Prob planted the first grapevine in this area and thus enriched our climate with grapes and wine. So drinking vine here gives you an imperial sense, as evidenced by Milorad Milošević’s series (find the YT link). Also, Vuk Karadžić wrote the song of the Kosovo girl here, hearing it from a blind woman from Grgurevci. The Mother Angelina Ethno House is a true tourist destination on the way to the Fruška Gora monasteries. This village has a history from Celtic times, and there is also a Roman fountain that still has drinking water.

If your trip leads to Fruška Gora, look for Vuka from Health Path, who can tell you a lot of interesting things about this place and recommend where best to relax in Grgurevci.

This story is a part of the aspirations of the TACSO Serbia and TACSO by Civic Initiatives to promote good practices of civil society organizations in Serbia and motivate other organizations that invest on daily basis their energy and efforts in creating a better society for all citizens of Serbia.