TA support sessions for the associations of citizens of Sremska Mitrovica


Sremska Mitrovica, 17th November 2016 – TACSO Resource Center of Civic Initiatives organized a session of technical assistance (TA session) for members of the association of women from the surrounding villages of Sremska Mitrovica, in order to introduce to members the administrative and financial management of organization. 23 participants, representatives of 7 different associations, attended the session, which, on this occasion, were presented with the importance of keeping proper documentation, monitoring and filing of the reports, tender documentation, keeping the minutes of the Assembly and of internal and external meetings. Since all organizations are registered, and they already have years of work experience, they were presented with the importance of running business through banks organizations, monitoring the work of the accountants on a regular bases, as well as the timely submission of both annual report and reports to donors.


Members were also presented with the possibility of adding economic activities as an additional financing model, which they can implement and get paid for the services they provide. Due to the fact that none of the organizations whose representatives participated in the session has economic activity,  this information was of great importance. They were addressed to the organizations and foundations that provide small grants for activities they are engaged in.

 sasinci-17-n-nov-2016-3Through a brief overview of their activities published by some of the visible channels, TACSO Resource Center of Civic Initiatives experts in finance and administration, Nada Likar and Jelena Stevic, adressed the participants to the possibility of promoting their activities and previous results, in order to increase visibility of their organizations and visibility of implemented actions, and therefore to interest and encourage neighbours and young people in their comunities to get involved in their activities. By opening the web sites and Facebook accounts, they will further increase the visibility and the possibility to promote and sell their products, as well as services that  the associations provide.

Organizing  technical support sessions to civil society organizations is part of the TACSO Resource Center of Civic Initiatives mission to strengthen the capacity of CSOs, with the aim of preventing and overcoming the problems they face every day in their work, as well as constructing stronger and better relations with all relevant stakeholders in the community .

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