The meeting of the Human Rights House and the Prime Minister


Belgrade, May 11th 2015 – At the invitation of the Prime Minister, a meeting was held today in the Government of Serbia building of the representatives of the Human Rights House and the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

The representatives of the House expressed in an open talk their concern for the state of independent institutions and the attacks on the Ombudsman, indicating that the discrediting of Sasa Jankovic is unacceptable and that the Parliament of Serbia can initiate a discussion about his dismissal if there are doubts that the Ombudsman is doing something unprofessionally or negligently.
During the meeting the lack of reactions of appropriate state bodies and ministries to suggestions of both the citizens’ suggestions and those of the academic public was pointed out, such as the initiative for determining the responsibility for embezzlement of the budget money by the Ministry of Labor, veteran and social issues or the suggestion of the civil society for choosing a new Commissioner for the Protection of Equality. Also, the representatives of the House pointed out the problem of not naming the new manager of the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society as exceptionally important links between the civil society and the government, which has been without a manager for the past three full months.

The representatives of the House talked with Vucic bout the Brussels agreement as well, the importance of creating and strengthening of institutions that ensure the rule of law, the change of the Constitution, the freedom of the media, the Law on Free Legal Assistance and many other socially important topics. The House greeted the reforms in education and supported the continuation of normalizing relations between Belgrade and Pristina.