22 Jun The Right to A Healthy Environment

You CAN trust us! says the Green Patrol.

Green Initiative of Vojvodina is an organization whose vision is a world without pollution. In order to achieve their vision, they work tirelessly on many projects. One of their most important projects definitely is a Documentary TV series “Green patrol in Action”, which has been filmed since 2010.

There is virtually no ecological problem in Serbia in the previous period, where the team of the documentary TV series “Green Patrol in Action” was not present and cooperated with local environmental organizations to unveil polluters and the consequences to the quality of life of citizens and the environment.

So far, more than 80 half-hour shows have been recorded and broadcasted on more than 105 local, regional, national and foreign TVs. The series is translated into several languages and recorded in several countries of the region and beyond.

They proudly state that after the broadcasting of the episodes some problems were solved or the work toward their solution was started, for example: The “034” foundry was closed in Kragujevac, which worked in the vicinity of the kindergarten and the ecological park, a brickyard was closed in Gornja Rogatica, which used animal waste as a fuel, “EKO-21”, a company from Dobrica had its license for hazardous waste management revoked, the “NEXE” brickyard from Sremski Karlovci has built a filter for purification of waste materials, NIS has removed the concrete drain for wastewater and crude oil in the Great Bačka Canal, a furniture factory that polluted the Surduk tourist resort, several kilometers away from Surduk, stopped the exploitation of stone from Lake Ledina in Fruška Gora National Park, construction of high dams on Lim was prevented, construction of dams on Ibar and more was prevented.

Broadcasting on TV is not not the end but a start of support for environmental activists who fight corruption in the field of sustainable development and environment.

“We are proud of the trust that we have among environmental activists and the media,” says Ruza Helać, the author and journalist, who, with her team, received awards for investigative journalism and a documentary film. The result of the trust is more than 1000 reports of corruption from local communities in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection.


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This story is a part of the aspirations of the TACSO Serbia and TACSO by Civic Initiatives to promote good practices of civil society organizations in Serbia and motivate other organizations that invest on daily basis their energy and efforts in creating a better society for all citizens of Serbia.