The sessions for technical support for citizens’ associations of the Macva and Morava County were held, organized by the TACSO Resource Center


On Friday, May 29th and on Monday, June 1st the session for technical support for citizen’s associations of the Macva and Morava County were held in Sabac and Cacak, organized by TACSO Resource center.



The goal of these events was to offer support to civil society organizations in overcoming the most common problems that they are facing in everyday work, but also for them to build stronger and more quality relations with the local self-government and other relevant subjects in the community. Apart from the civil society organizations, the discussion was attended by representatives of local self-governments of these counties.

In the second part of the events, the representatives of the civil society organizations, through interactive work, strengthened their capacities in financial-administrative procedures, writing recommendations for projects and promoting their work.