07 Dec The sixth Assembly of the National Association of Practitioners of Youth Work

Niš, 26-27th November 2016 – This year’s Assembly of the National Association of Practitioners Youth Work brought together over 50 representatives of different youth organizations, organizations dealing with young people, as well as members of  NAPYW. At the same time, it was a unique opportunity for the representatives of member organizations of the Association to get detail insights about the results of the work and achievements in the previous year, and to participate in making decisions about the course of action in the year ahead. In addition to the protocol of the parliamentary work, this Assembly discussed on various topics regarding youth policy and youth work, the participation of  NAPYW in youth policy processes, as well as improvement of work of NAPYW Association.


As a result of successfully completing the accreditation process in the period preceding the session, six member organizations on this session passed from the status of associated member to full-fledged member status. On this occasion, five organizations received the status of associated member of the NAPYW Association.

In the context of this year’s session of the Assembly elections for the body of NAPYW were held. Vanja Kalaba, Violeta Stanković, Suzana Krstić, Ivan Topalović, Srđan Vlaškalić, Aleksandar Đekić and Nikola Blagojević were elected members of the Seering Committee. The chair of the Steering Committee for the second time will be Violeta Stanković.

The Supervisory Committee in its new composition will comprise Olivera Milošević and Zoran Jović,  whereas the Committee will be chaired by Doloris Ašković.

Assembly meetings in the next two years will be preseded by Filip Božilović and for the position of the Deputy Chairman of the NAPYW Association was re-elected Sead Biberović.

Sixth NAPYW Assembly was completed with ceremonial awarding of plaque „Hvale vredan NAPOR“. In the category of organizations plaque was given to Zrenjanin Youth Development Organization (ZYDO) for innovation in the programs of youth work. In the category of awards for the individuals, plaque was given Vukasin Grozdanović for successful networking the actors of youth policy on the local level.