08 May The state will protect those who implement educational reforms


Civic Initiatives demand of the authorities to immediately investigate the case of the attack on Milovan Suvakov, the assistant of the Minister of Education, and determine the responsibility of those who ordered the attack and its perpetrators. It is necessary for the Government of Serbia to publically support the reforms in education and clearly take the side of the individuals that implement these reforms. In the current social atmosphere of impunity for violence, these individuals are becoming legitimate targets to anyone whose interests would be threatened by the implementation of the reform.

According to the new systematization of ministries, the sector that is led by Subakov includes key areas for educational reform, among which are the reform of high education, validation of diplomas, social inclusion, minority language education and the development of a secondary school final exam. The Ministry is, among other things, the creator of a new Higher Education Law, that gave the authority to validate diplomas from the faculty to the Ministry, and introduces a clear obligation for transparency of the faculties in the process of writing a PhD thesis.
The educational reform remains one of the most difficult and important long-term tasks in social reform, so every positive step in this direction should be clearly supported by the state organs, the academic public, citizens’ associations and other interested parties.