Training for members of minorities for protection against discrimination

Dj 7

In Sombor on May 27th and in Bosilegrad on June 19th workshops for the representatives of the Council for Minority Rights were held dedicated to the topic of discrimination and the role of the office of the Commissioner for the protection of equality of the Council for National Minorities in the fight against discrimination.

The workshops, held by representatives of the Human Rights House and the representatives of the Office of the Commissioner for the protection of equality, were attended by the representatives of the Hungarian, Bunjevac, German and Rusyn Councils, and the Bulgarian, Albanian, Roma and Bosniak Councils.

The general objective of the project ‘’May equality become reality’’, implemented by the Commissioner for the protection of equality in cooperation with Human rights house is the contribution to the strengthening of human and minority rights in Serbia, while the specific objective is the advancement of the procedure before the Commissioner as a mechanism for protection against discrimination of minority groups. At the end of the project the commissioner will give certificates to all participants that have completed the training and implemented local campaigns to raise awareness of the community about the problems of the discrimination of minority groups.